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Amazing Burger is a tiny Korean owned restaurant that sells sandwiches, wings, fried rices, Philly cheese steaks, and the most important of them all, burgers. Since it’s close to my office and I needed my dosage of grease, I decided to drop by Amazing Burger for lunch. It’s located on Old Norcross Road in front of Kroger so finding it wouldn’t be difficult but finding seats inside is a different story especially around lunch time. The food here are made to order so expect a 5-10 minutes wait.



I decided to try their classic single burger since they did name their restaurant Amazing Burger after all. If you want cheese, you’re going to pay an extra 50 cents since it doesn’t come with it.  The meat was flavorful and juicy but was a tad bit short on size when you’re comparing it to the humongous moist buns. I’ll order double patties next time for the perfect meat to bun ratio. I’m sure my arteries wouldn’t mind at all. Overall, the burger was a step up to McDonald’s.



The wings here are a bit on the tiny side. My go-to flavor for wings has always been lemon peppers. It’s a little disappointing knowing that they just fried the wings and just added a moderate among of dried seasoning and then calling it a day. It just didn’t hit the right spot for me.



Next up is the hot wings. The wings here has a decent amount of umph on the hot scale which does a great job of not putting me into tears like MJ Tacos.


Amazing Burger

3780 Old Norcross Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 514-2904

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