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El Tenampa – Duluth, GA

After pulling a two and a half hour night class at school, our stomach was screaming for food and we had to find food quickly before our group project meeting starts. El Tanampa was the closet place to our meeting place and were starving for some random Mexican food joint. El Tanampa is right next to Publix in Medlock Shopping Center and during this time, traffic in this restaurant is close to nil. Even with the half lit eerier sign staring at us, we proceeded on with our empty stomachs.

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Dan Moo Ji – Duluth, GA

Dan Moo Ji is located in Nukoa Plaza on Steve Reynolds Blvd. The shopping plaza is predominately all Korean making it quite difficult for people that doesn’t know the language to pinpoint the exact shop their trying to reach. But fear not, Dan Moo Ji has a cartoony picture of a radish on their windows making it impossible to glance over it and not wanting to bite its head off. This place has been open since I was freshman back in college (a VERY long time ago) when my Korean friend took me out here on his dime after helping him getting his tires replace. This restaurant is tiny so be warn that it can get pretty packed even Continue Reading

Hannah’s Kitchen – Duluth, GA

After some miscommunications, I arrived at Hannah’s Kitchen a lot later than everyone else. 20 minutes to be exact. Good thing we got some food to make them completely forget about my tardiness. Mwuahaha. Hannah’s Kitchen is located right off of Satellite Blvd on Breckinridge Blvd inside a tiny shopping plaza. The funny thing is that it’s a southern country cooking restaurant runs by Asians. But hey, they do one hell of a job and all country restaurants are run by Asians in Gwinnett anyways. If you’re planning on going there, make sure you get there early since they close at 2:30 PM and they only serve breakfast and lunch. Hannah’s Kitchen serves your typical country style food such as fried/baked chicken, collard greens, country fried steak, and mash potatoes. The great thing about this place is that they Continue Reading

Iron Age – Duluth, GA

After a long day after work, nothing can beat all-you-can-eat meats and beers with your homies. We decided to drop by Iron Age for a meat fest but we instantly encountered a full house of birthday parties. With a raging urge for Korean BBQ, we sadly comply with the hour long wait. Once we were seated Continue Reading

The Hungry Adventures Of Dphan Atlanta restaurants