Flip Burger Boutique – Atlanta, GA


I’ve always been a fan of burgers and with¬†Flip Burger Boutique that is being ran by¬†Richard Blais, a Top Chef contestant, I knew I had to give it a shot. There are two location Atlanta with one being in Buckhead and the other in Midtown. What makes Flip Burger incredibly special is that they take your typical burger and bedazzle it with a modern twist.

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I Luv Pho – Duluth, GA

Also known as I Luv Pho #2, it’s located on Satellite Blvd in a classy shopping center that is slowly being populated by shops. Since the original location on Jimmy Carter were the only ones that were open 24 hours, they decided to open the second location that boaster the same addictive pho and rice dishes. I Luv Pho is often packed late at night due to Continue Reading

Shoya Izakaya – Doraville, GA


Shoya Izakaya is tucked away in corner of Super H-Mart by 285 making it hard to find if you’re not a local. Shoya is one of the legitimate Japanese restaurant you can find here in Doraville. Once you walk through the double doors, you’re greeted with a warm cozy atmosphere with a large selection of sake displayed in the glass case. If you want the full experience, Continue Reading

Mojito’s Cuban-American Bistro – Norcross, GA


Mojito’s sits directly in the heart of downtown Norcross where this city was built over a century ago. Downtown Norcross has many trendy restaurants and specialty stores making it an ideal area to stroll through on a sunny day. Since this area is quite small, finding a parking spot can be difficult so expect to make a couple of U-turns and fight for an open spot. Once you’ve step into Mojito’s, you’ll quickly find out Continue Reading

678 – Duluth, GA


Duluth is saturated with Korean BBQ at every corner and with that kind amount of restaurants to choose from, each of them has to differentiate themselves in order to gain our business. That’s a win-win for us hungry diners. What makes 678 different from all the other Korean BBQ is that they use a charcoal which the smokes permeates the meat and the flames giving it a nice char marks. You can’t have “real” BBQ experiences if you’re using Continue Reading