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Duluth is saturated with Korean BBQ at every corner and with that kind amount of restaurants to choose from, each of them has to differentiate themselves in order to gain our business. That’s a win-win for us hungry diners. What makes 678 different from all the other Korean BBQ is that they use a charcoal which the smokes permeates the meat and the flames giving it a nice char marks. You can’t have “real” BBQ experiences if you’re using gas/electric as the other Korean BBQ do. Eating here does come with a significant price unfortunately. Their all-you-can eat BBQ starts at $26 making it quite an expensive meal and that’s only for their pork selections. If you’re a fan of beef, you’re going to have to order that separately.



We started out our lunch with the basic unadulterated pork belly just to warm up our taste buds. Right then and there is when I finally knew why they were charging $26 just for the pork alone. The quality of the pork was above and beyond what other Korean BBQ restaurants has to offer when it comes to freshness and taste.



Next we had the spicy paste pork belly. These were absolutely AMAZING. The spicy paste wasn’t really spicy at all. It had a slight heat to it that doesn’t overwhelm the true flavor of the pork.



To finish up our meal, we had the seared pork butt. It’s marinated in a light sweet sauce but it still let the quality of the pork do all the talking.



3880 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 549-1246

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