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Antico Pizza Napoletana offers true authentic Italian pizza without the extra cost of flying out to Italy to get one. It sits cozily at corner of Hemphill Avenue and Ethel Street close to Georgia Tech where finding a parking spot can become quite difficult around this area. What makes Antico Pizza different from the other pizzeria is that all of their ingredients come from Italy itself. Another added bonus about this place is that you can bring your own alcohol. This is a big plus for my fellow alcoholics.


What set Antico from other restaurants is that their seating is very communal and finding seats for the rest of your party could be difficult depending on the size. Life can’t get any better when you’re sharing stories and a bottle wine with a complete stranger sitting beside you.


The back part of the Antico has three massive hand made ovens shipped from Naples. If you can handle the heat, seating in back room could be very entertaining by watching the chefs displaying their skills.


We ended up ordering a margherita and capricciosa. My personal favorite has to be the Margherita. For something so basic and with a few ingredients, it provided a unique depth of flavors that can’t be compared to any other places. The char on the crust from the hardwood added a very nice touch to the overall pizza. The Capricciosa tasted completely different from the margherita. It had a stronger, bolder, and saltier taste which goes down great when it’s paired up with wine.


Antico provides a very nice overall experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Even though the place can be quite pricey, it definitely makes up in atmosphere, BYOB, and the sheer quality of Italian pizza that are to die for.

Antico Pizza Napoletana

1093 Hemphill Avenue Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 724-2333

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