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Octopus Bar – Atlanta, GA


After stumbling around the streets of East Atlanta at 12 AM, We finally found Octopus Bar that opens inside So Ba Vietnamese restaurant after they close up shop at 10:30 PM. Octopus Bar changes their menu daily to reflect what is available during the season and local market ingredients. Continue Reading

Fontaine’s Oyster House – Atlanta, GA

My friends and I have visited Fontaine’s Oyster House in the past multiple times for our drinking spree down at Virginia Highland. Just for you guys that don’t know about Virginia Highland, it was rated best overall neighborhood in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine. The area has MANY bars, restaurants, and small niches shops all within walking distance from each other. The only reason why I decided to dine at Fontaine’s Oyster House instead of drinking there was their special on a dozen oysters for 5 bucks every Tuesday. 5!!! Bucks!!!

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The Hungry Adventures Of Dphan Atlanta restaurants