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Amazing Burger – Duluth, GA


Amazing Burger is a tiny Korean owned restaurant that sells sandwiches, wings, fried rices, Philly cheese steaks, and the most important of them all, burgers. Since it’s close to my office and I needed my dosage of grease, I decided to drop by Amazing Burger for lunch. It’s located on Old Norcross Road in front of Kroger so finding it wouldn’t be difficult but finding seats inside is a different story especially around lunch time. The food here are made to order so expect a 5-10 minutes wait.

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Farm Burger – Atlanta, GA



After a failed attempt of going to Twin Peaks on Piedmont Road to watch football, we decided to go next door to Farm Burger where the wait isn’t 2 hours long. What Farm Burger special is that they actually raised their own cows that are 100% grass fed and is also antibiotic free. They also stepped up a notched and get all their seasonal ingredients from local farmers Continue Reading

Flip Burger Boutique – Atlanta, GA


I’ve always been a fan of burgers and with¬†Flip Burger Boutique that is being ran by¬†Richard Blais, a Top Chef contestant, I knew I had to give it a shot. There are two location Atlanta with one being in Buckhead and the other in Midtown. What makes Flip Burger incredibly special is that they take your typical burger and bedazzle it with a modern twist.

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Five Guys – Duluth, GA

Unlike In-N-Out Burger franchise that can only be found on the West Coast, We have Five Guys that started on East Coast and that they are slowly spreading across the United States due to the establishment providing high quality burgers. If you’re health conscious and you’re looking to grab a bite before yoga class, Five Guys is not for you. If you’re expecting high quality burger that rivals In-N-Out and don’t mind the wait while enjoying the free peanuts available, you can finally call this place your new home.

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Googie Burger – Atlanta, GA

I haven’t been to Googie Burger since last year and picking this warm day to revisit again was a perfect idea. Since Googie Burger is located in the middle of Centennial Park right next to the Olympic Rings fountain, we were pretty lazy to start another long walking marathon and decided to wait at Georgia State University for our other friend to pick us up. Since we’re in the heart of the city, free parking is next to impossible. We ended up forking over $5 just to park right next to the park just to get some burgers. Boy was it worth it! There’s no indoor seating so if you’re planning on checking this place out, make sure you’re dress appropriately for the weather.

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