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Shoya Izakaya – Doraville, GA


Shoya Izakaya is tucked away in corner of Super H-Mart by 285 making it hard to find if you’re not a local. Shoya is one of the legitimate Japanese restaurant you can find here in Doraville. Once you walk through the double doors, you’re greeted with a warm cozy atmosphere with a large selection of sake displayed in the glass case. If you want the full experience, Continue Reading

Umaido – Suwanee, GA

When people think of ramen noodles, they automatically think of their college days eating cheap instant ramens that will keep their stomach full for the night. Those days are long gone once Umaido opened up shop a couple years ago offering authentic Japanese ramen. It’s located on Lawrenceville Suwanee Road in a building next to H-Mart. From handmade noodles to mind blowing euphoric broth, Umaido will definitely change the way you experience ramen.

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