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Fat Matt’s Rib Shack – Atlanta, GA


Finding parking at Fat Matt’s can be difficult especially around noon when everyone is rushing there for lunch. After waiting in the parking lot and fighting other cars, we managed to get a parking spot and were greeted by a long line of people waiting to order their food. If you’re not a big fan of Continue Reading

Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles – Atlanta, GA

After hearing great reviews from our peers and seeing it on Man vs. Food, my friends and I decided to embark on a journey to Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffle on foot from Marta in order to scuff down on their signature dish. After walking for a while that felt like 6 hours under the bloody Sun, we finally made it to Gladys Knight’s. Its literally right across the street from Emory University Hospital making it more convenient for us just in case our arteries gets clogged up by having too much chicken.


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Donnie’s Country Cookin’ – Norcross, GA

Donnie’s Country Cookin’ is another Korean own southern restaurant just like Hannah’s Kitchen. My colleague and I decided to try this place out one afternoon on our lunch break. It’s located at the intersection of Steve Reynolds and Beaver Ruin. If you’re looking for affordable, decent country food, you really can’t overlook this place. The decor and the sanitation of the place might be questionable, but hey, I don’t expect a five star place for a one star price. Getting a working man meal for a working man price which is why Donnie’s Country Cookin’ quite popular around this area when it comes to food.


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Hannah’s Kitchen – Duluth, GA

After some miscommunications, I arrived at Hannah’s Kitchen a lot later than everyone else. 20 minutes to be exact. Good thing we got some food to make them completely forget about my tardiness. Mwuahaha. Hannah’s Kitchen is located right off of Satellite Blvd on Breckinridge Blvd inside a tiny shopping plaza. The funny thing is that it’s a southern country cooking restaurant runs by Asians. But hey, they do one hell of a job and all country restaurants are run by Asians in Gwinnett anyways. If you’re planning on going there, make sure you get there early since they close at 2:30 PM and they only serve breakfast and lunch. Hannah’s Kitchen serves your typical country style food such as fried/baked chicken, collard greens, country fried steak, and mash potatoes. The great thing about this place is that they Continue Reading

The Hungry Adventures Of Dphan Atlanta restaurants