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678 – Duluth, GA


Duluth is saturated with Korean BBQ at every corner and with that kind amount of restaurants to choose from, each of them has to differentiate themselves in order to gain our business. That’s a win-win for us hungry diners. What makes 678 different from all the other Korean BBQ is that they use a charcoal which the smokes permeates the meat and the flames giving it a nice char marks. You can’t have “real” BBQ experiences if you’re using Continue Reading

Five Guys – Duluth, GA

Unlike In-N-Out Burger franchise that can only be found on the West Coast, We have Five Guys that started on East Coast and that they are slowly spreading across the United States due to the establishment providing high quality burgers. If you’re health conscious and you’re looking to grab a bite before yoga class, Five Guys is not for you. If you’re expecting high quality burger that rivals In-N-Out and don’t mind the wait while enjoying the free peanuts available, you can finally call this place your new home.

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J. Christopher’s – Duluth, GA

Every time I drive up North on Peachtree Industrial Blvd in the morning, I have always seenĀ J. Christopher’s with a crowded parking lot and sometimes even a line stretching outside. J. Christopher’s really caters to the people that love breakfast and early lunch. Good luck finding a dinner menu at this establishment because it’s completely nonexistent. J. Christopher’s has 14 locations with the majority of them residing in Georgia. For a breakfast/brunch restaurant, it’s pretty expensive and I would only come here once in a while to start my day off with something fantastic.

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Ming’s BBQ – Duluth, GA

Ming’s BBQ has two locations with one in Duluth and the other one in Doraville. With our lunch break running down on the clock, we checked in at the Duluth location. Mings’s BBQ is located right next to I-85 and Pleasant Hill Rd making it easily accessible to anyone willing to try this place out. Even though this restaurant seems out of place, what it offers is true Chinese cuisine that keeps bringing people back to it.

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El Dorado – Duluth, GA

El Dorado is a small friendly Mexican restaurant is surrounded by Korean shops such as Suno Dessert and Scissor Hands on Pleasant Hill. Unlike Tex-Mex that you’ll find everywhere else, El Dorado offers real Mexicans dishes such as cow tongue tacos, tortas, fajitas and more with half of the menu written in Spanish that I don’t have a clue on what it means.


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