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Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant – Norcross, GA


If you’re looking for cheap authentic Mexican food, I highly recommend checking out Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant. Ever since they started out selling 99 cents tacos out of a food truck back in 2001, they have quickly gained a reputation for having the best-bang-for-your-buck tacos. Now they have finally expanded to three physical locations in Gwinnett with a wider menu. The Don Pedro that I went to was the one on Buford Hwy and there’s always a good amount of traffic passing through their doors at all hours of the day. Continue Reading

Mojito’s Cuban-American Bistro – Norcross, GA


Mojito’s sits directly in the heart of downtown Norcross where this city was built over a century ago. Downtown Norcross has many trendy restaurants and specialty stores making it an ideal area to stroll through on a sunny day. Since this area is quite small, finding a parking spot can be difficult so expect to make a couple of U-turns and fight for an open spot. Once you’ve step into Mojito’s, you’ll quickly find out Continue Reading

Donnie’s Country Cookin’ – Norcross, GA

Donnie’s Country Cookin’ is another Korean own southern restaurant just like Hannah’s Kitchen. My colleague and I decided to try this place out one afternoon on our lunch break. It’s located at the intersection of Steve Reynolds and Beaver Ruin. If you’re looking for affordable, decent country food, you really can’t overlook this place. The decor and the sanitation of the place might be questionable, but hey, I don’t expect a five star place for a one star price. Getting a working man meal for a working man price which is why Donnie’s Country Cookin’ quite popular around this area when it comes to food.


Continue Reading

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