Ciao Bocca (Closed) – Atlanta, GA

Ciao Bocca is a little hidden gem in Sweet Auburn Market. This location is home to many vendors that cater to local businesses, Grady Hospital, Georgia States student, and residents that live around the area. This restaurant is owned by Deborah Kudelka and it’s only open on weekdays from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 3 in the afternoon. Not only that but the food are made in limited quantities each day so if you want to get your favorite item from the menu, you better be there early!

My friend and I decided to stop by at Ciao Bocca after getting out of class at Georgia State with 45 minutes to grab lunch. Since my friend had been raving about their meatball sandwiches for the past 4 semesters, I had to have one to see what’s the fuss was all about.


Simple menu for simply good food.


Looks like we came during everyone lunch hour. The wait was well worth it.


This ciabatta bread has got to be one of the best bread I had on a sandwich. The crust is lightly toasted giving it a little crunch while the innards are soft and fluffy while soaking up the tomato sauce making it a surreal overall experience. The side pasta was simply amazing. It’s loaded with capers, olives, and sun dried tomatoes. But that moment of happiness quickly ends after only a few bites from that tiny container.


I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for some great Italian food and wanting to do grocery shopping all at once. The only thing that keeps me from coming back on a daily basis is that the pricing is quite high for what you actually get. With the amazing food and the friendly staffs, I’ll definitely return again to try something new.

Ciao Bocca

Sweet Auburn Market
200 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

(678) 705-4487
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