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Dan Moo Ji is located in Nukoa Plaza on Steve Reynolds Blvd. The shopping plaza is predominately all Korean making it quite difficult for people that doesn’t know the language to pinpoint the exact shop their trying to reach. But fear not, Dan Moo Ji has a cartoony picture of a radish on their windows making it impossible to glance over it and not wanting to bite its head off. This place has been open since I was freshman back in college (a VERY long time ago) when my Korean friend took me out here on his dime after helping him getting his tires replace. This restaurant is tiny so be warn that it can get pretty packed even if there are only a handful of people there. Since this is a Korean Plaza, everything from the walls to the television here is in Korean except the table menus (whew) making it a pretty legit restaurant. Once you get your food, you’ll notice that the plates, cups and bowls don’t have a uniform pattern among the other tables. You might get lucky and get a measuring cup that holds your soup or a baking pan for your noodles. It’s like playing Russian roulette but instead of getting shot in the face, you’ll get a one of a kind food container. Awesome.


Yup. The only thing I know from the menu is that they definitely serve wings here.


Three of us ended up getting the tonkatsu plate and the portion on this thing is HUUUGE. It’s like they travel back into time to the prehistoric age and hunted down a stegosaurus in order to sell it to us for only $8.99. By the time I was close to finishing the plate, I almost relapsed into a food coma. The only gripe I have about it is that if they could use a little bit less sauce or put it on the side since I find that the pork loses its crunchiness after it soaks up it all up. The corn was pretty interesting. It tasted like ice cream but in a good way.


The only non-conformist person in our group went with the seafood udon for $7.99.  It contains small amount of fish cakes, oysters, octopus, and squids. And yes, you can make a tuna casseroles with that after you finish eating your soup.



Dan Moo Ji

Nukoa Plaza
3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096

(770) 814-2310

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