Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant – Norcross, GA


If you’re looking for cheap authentic Mexican food, I highly recommend checking out Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant. Ever since they started out selling 99 cents tacos out of a food truck back in 2001, they have quickly gained a reputation for having the best-bang-for-your-buck tacos. Now they have finally expanded to three physical locations in Gwinnett with a wider menu. The Don Pedro that I went to was the one on Buford Hwy and there’s always a good amount of traffic passing through their doors at all hours of the day. If you know how to count numbers in Spanish, you’ll definitely be able to grab your meal just fine since they actually yell out the order numbers in Spanish. Good for you, bad news for me. I was confusedly looking around when they repeated my order number several times so they decided to do it in English to save me the trouble. Niiiice.



I decided to get my hands on some Don Pedro highly rated tacos for $1.19 each since I was on a budget and needed something filling. I got 2 steak, chicken, and BBQ tacos to satisfy my hunger. For the price that you pay for, it has a good amount of meat with onion, cilantro, double tortillas, and their sauce. The meat here is tender and flavorful which is more than you can expect for the price that you are paying for. For the overall quality of the food you’re getting, it’s no wonder everyone is flocking over to Don Pedro at all hours of the day instead of Taco Bell.


Don Pedro Mexican Food

5130 Buford Hwy.
Norcross, GA 30071
(700) 242-1920

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