Donnie’s Country Cookin’ – Norcross, GA

Donnie’s Country Cookin’ is another Korean own southern restaurant just like Hannah’s Kitchen. My colleague and I decided to try this place out one afternoon on our lunch break. It’s located at the intersection of Steve Reynolds and Beaver Ruin. If you’re looking for affordable, decent country food, you really can’t overlook this place. The decor and the sanitation of the place might be questionable, but hey, I don’t expect a five star place for a one star price. Getting a working man meal for a working man price which is why Donnie’s Country Cookin’ quite popular around this area when it comes to food.


Donnie’s Country Cookin’ has a cafeteria style to make everything smooth and efficient.


Some of the main entrees. Baked chicken and fried fish.


I got the country fried steak with rice smothered in gravy. For my two sides, I got potatoes and mac n’ cheese. This meal with a drink cost me $6 with tax. Not bad. The highlight of the meal was the country fried steak, which it turned out to be pretty solid since it was still crispy and well-seasoned after being dunked in gravy. As for the sides, it comes back to being a bit better than school food. The Mac n’ cheese were bland while the potatoes were soft but dull in taste.


If you’re looking for some inexpensive southern food and that will keep you full for the evening, Donnie’s Country Cookin’ would be your choice. The price for this meal is unbeatable and the food portion size is surprisingly larger than I thought it would be.  I’ll definitely come back again if I ever need a southern fixing.

Donnie’s Country Cookin’

1485 Beaver Ruin Rd
Norcross, GA 30093

(770) 381-0222
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