El Tenampa – Duluth, GA

After pulling a two and a half hour night class at school, our stomach was screaming for food and we had to find food quickly before our group project meeting starts. El Tanampa was the closet place to our meeting place and were starving for some random Mexican food joint. El Tanampa is right next to Publix in Medlock Shopping Center and during this time, traffic in this restaurant is close to nil. Even with the half lit eerier sign staring at us, we proceeded on with our empty stomachs.


With hunger clouding my abilities to do my upcoming project, I had to order their biggest and most popular dish on the menu. This baby mammoth came with rib eye steak, cheese quesadilla, two taquitos, salad, and rice. I was a bit disappointed with the rib eye steak; it was a bit chewy and lacked serious taste. The taquitos was super crunchy good but the meat was even chewier than the rib eye and required serious jaw muscles to get it down. The only thing that stands out from this dish was the cheese quesadilla. It was satisfying warm and gooey with a nutty undertone to it. What the overall plate lacks in flavor, it makes up for the huge portion size.


My friend opted for the al carbon plate. Consisted of two steak tacos, salad, rice, and beans. His opinion of this place is better than mine. He thought the steak tacos were good especially with the cheese that comes with it.

What we did agree on is that you’ll get more bang for your buck when it comes to dining at El Tenampa. If you’re looking for a quiet, cozy place to enjoy some Mexican food, check out El Tenampa.

El Tenampa

5805 State Bridge Rd
Johns Creek, GA 30097

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