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Unlike In-N-Out Burger franchise that can only be found on the West Coast, We have Five Guys that started on East Coast and that they are slowly spreading across the United States due to the establishment providing high quality burgers. If you’re health conscious and you’re looking to grab a bite before yoga class, Five Guys is not for you. If you’re expecting high quality burger that rivals In-N-Out and don’t mind the wait while enjoying the free peanuts available, you can finally call this place your new home.


The burgers and the fresh cut fries here are cook to order so you can always expect your meal to be fresh and not sitting underneath a hot lamp. What differentiates Five Guys from the others is that they offer is a wide range of toppings that you can add to your burgers from grill mushrooms to having it drizzled with A-1 sauce.


This bacon cheeseburger might not be the prettiest, but I came here specifically to clog my arteries with euphoric greasy goodness knowing that this burger can definitely get the job done. The medium fries that isn’t picture is more than enough to feed at least three people. The cup of fries is loaded to the top and is then dumped into the bag. The cup gets refilled again and then it is finally placed inside the bag. You’re going to tired of eating fries for a long time by the time you’re done with it. Even though Five Guys is quite pricey for just burgers and fries, it doesn’t stop me from coming back every once in a while.


Five Guys actually started carrying these cool new Coca-Cola Freestyles fountains, which offers 100+ choices through an easy to use touch screen. Back in my days, we had six different drink options at a fast food restaurant and if they didn’t have your favorite kind, tough luck. I gotta admit, these kids have it easy nowadays. They even have some flavors that I have never seen in stores such as Coke cherry vanilla. With so many choices, even the pickiest drinker can find something that they will like.


Never knew Fanta lime, fruit punch, and raspberry ever existed until I tried this machine. Ended up trying all three while I waited for my burger to be cooked to perfection.


Five Guys

1611 Satellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 622-8930

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