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I’ve always been a fan of burgers and with Flip Burger Boutique that is being ran by Richard Blais, a Top Chef contestant, I knew I had to give it a shot. There are two location Atlanta with one being in Buckhead and the other in Midtown. What makes Flip Burger incredibly special is that they take your typical burger and bedazzle it with a modern twist.



One of their known burgers here is called the butcher’s cut. Once you take the bite into it, you can taste the fatty patty blending together with the salty blue cheese and it will quickly be washed away by the refreshing soy truffle vinaigrette topped with the red wine jam. This burger packs an interesting taste but it still doesn’t satisfy my burger needs like Grindhouse Killer Burgers. If you’re looking to try a burger that was done in an innovative sense, stop by at Flip Burger and try it out for yourself.



The fries here are actually pretty good. It’s cooked in beef tallow until perfection and lightly seasoned with salt. It comes with smoked mayo/ ketchup dip which I ignored since I’m not a fan of dipping my fries in anything.



The sweet potato taters tot that comes with the blue cheese dip is surprisingly good also.



Ordering a milkshake was never in my agenda whenever I go out and eat. But with glowing reviews coming from all my friends, I pulled the trigger and got myself a strawberry shortcake that is made with liquid nitrogen. By the time it hits the table, you can still see the milkshake smoking with awesomeness. I don’t normally get sweets with my meal, but MAN, this is the most delicious milkshake I have ever had. Most places load their milkshakes with so much sugar that you can expect to get diabetes by the time you leave the restaurant. With Flip Burger shakes, you can actually enjoy it without getting hit with a sugar rush.


FLIP Burger Boutique

1587 Howell Mill Rd 
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 352-3547

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