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My friends and I have visited Fontaine’s Oyster House in the past multiple times for our drinking spree down at Virginia Highland. Just for you guys that don’t know about Virginia Highland, it was rated best overall neighborhood in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine. The area has MANY bars, restaurants, and small niches shops all within walking distance from each other. The only reason why I decided to dine at Fontaine’s Oyster House instead of drinking there was their special on a dozen oysters for 5 bucks every Tuesday. 5!!! Bucks!!!


Once the oysters arrived, I was mesmerized by the size of some of the oysters and the value that came along with it. With that short flurry of happiness came crashing down on me as I took the first bite. The oysters weren’t cleaned properly which led to me shoving down a good amount of sand. There’s nothing worst than eating sand that sends shocking chills throughout your body as it scraps against your teeth. The idea of ordering another dozen oysters quickly diminished as I finish the last of it.


I decided to try their famous blackened catfish po’ boy since I knew a dozen oysters wasn’t going to fill me up. The amount of catfish they put in was very generous. The seasoning on the already moist fish made it even more flavorful and adds a nice spicy kick to it. The salad in sandwich has a nice crunch and sauce that counterbalance the spiciness of the catfish with a soothing coolness.

Even though the po’ boy here at Fontaine’s Oyster House are fantastic, the oysters here comes with a fantastic price tag but the uncleanliness of it is a major turnoff. Hopefully they will do a better job at cleaning oysters in the future.

Fontaine’s Oyster House

1026 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 872-0869

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