Googie Burger – Atlanta, GA

I haven’t been to Googie Burger since last year and picking this warm day to revisit again was a perfect idea. Since Googie Burger is located in the middle of Centennial Park right next to the Olympic Rings fountain, we were pretty lazy to start another long walking marathon and decided to wait at Georgia State University for our other friend to pick us up. Since we’re in the heart of the city, free parking is next to impossible. We ended up forking over $5 just to park right next to the park just to get some burgers. Boy was it worth it! There’s no indoor seating so if you’re planning on checking this place out, make sure you’re dress appropriately for the weather.


All the foods here are made to order. You can get different types of burgers and hot dogs that suit your fancy. You can also get shakes spiked with alcohol or wine and beers… At a park… Yeah, you can’t get any better than that.


Everyone decided to get the Googie Burger classic. I decided to differentiate myself from everyone by being bold and upgraded myself to the double patties classic. All the beef patties are hand formed ensuring that each burger gets all the tender loving they need. The burger is decked out with toasted buttered buns, lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, onions, pickles, and their secret special sauce. What make this burger stands out is the pickles. It’s sweet and when combined with the special sauce, it makes the burger very refreshing to the palate.  The fries are hand cut, cooked in peanut oil, and seasoned with sea salt. Delish.

Googie Burger

190 Marietta St
Centennial Olympic Park
Atlanta, GA 30342

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