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After some miscommunications, I arrived at Hannah’s Kitchen a lot later than everyone else. 20 minutes to be exact. Good thing we got some food to make them completely forget about my tardiness. Mwuahaha. Hannah’s Kitchen is located right off of Satellite Blvd on Breckinridge Blvd inside a tiny shopping plaza. The funny thing is that it’s a southern country cooking restaurant runs by Asians. But hey, they do one hell of a job and all country restaurants are run by Asians in Gwinnett anyways. If you’re planning on going there, make sure you get there early since they close at 2:30 PM and they only serve breakfast and lunch. Hannah’s Kitchen serves your typical country style food such as fried/baked chicken, collard greens, country fried steak, and mash potatoes. The great thing about this place is that they also have served different special items each day to change up the taste buds for the regulars which today was wings, meatloaf, and salisbury steak. When I got there, the place was crowded with workers going in for their lunch shift since Satellite Blvd is jam packed with dealerships, malls, and small shops. Luckily this place has a school cafeteria serving style making it extremely efficient in getting food into my mouth.


The place is closing up, but a meal + drink for $6.14? Fuck yeah! Can’t beat the bargain.


I ended up getting baked chicken with mac n’ cheese, corn bread, and collard greens. The chicken was phenomenal! It’s seasoned with lemon peppers and the delicious moist meat felled off the bone. Since I’m a southern boy, I had to get the collard greens. Collard greens were mild and clean just the way I like it. The mac n’ cheese and the corn bread is where you can also find at your local school cafeteria.


My friend fried chicken meal. Apparently she hated the chicken and didn’t even finish it.


Salisbury steak meal. Honestly, it looks like something you can pick out of the frozen dinner aisle at Kroger. No complaint from him since he finished the entire thing.


So would I go there again? Most definitely! It’s rare to find a decent meal and price around that area. Only downside is that they close up shop too early making it harder for people that eats late and that if you’re looking to get full off of one plate, don’t count on it.


Hannah’s Kitchen

3083 Breckinridge Blvd # 100

Duluth, GA 30096

(678) 924-0020 ‎
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