I Luv Pho – Duluth, GA

Also known as I Luv Pho #2, it’s located on Satellite Blvd in a classy shopping center that is slowly being populated by shops. Since the original location on Jimmy Carter were the only ones that were open 24 hours, they decided to open the second location that boaster the same addictive pho and rice dishes. I Luv Pho is often packed late at night due to people coming from clubs and partying trying to indulge their late night fix rather than going to Waffle House.


Compared to the original location, I Luv Pho #2 adds a more modern look when it came to their decor and it’s by far a lot more sanitized.


Pho dac biet which comes with all the fixings that wants more bang for their buck. It comes with slices of filet mignon, tripes, flank, meatballs, and tendon in a savory broth. What really makes I Luv Pho stand out is their broth. It’s hearty and has a great depth of flavors making it one of the best “healthier” hang over food you can find late night without feeling guilty in the morning.


I Luv Pho

4500 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 249-8989

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