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Every time I drive up North on Peachtree Industrial Blvd in the morning, I have always seen J. Christopher’s with a crowded parking lot and sometimes even a line stretching outside. J. Christopher’s really caters to the people that love breakfast and early lunch. Good luck finding a dinner menu at this establishment because it’s completely nonexistent. J. Christopher’s has 14 locations with the majority of them residing in Georgia. For a breakfast/brunch restaurant, it’s pretty expensive and I would only come here once in a while to start my day off with something fantastic.


This place was packed when we got here but getting a seat wasn’t a problem.


I don’t normally eat pancakes for breakfast but after all the glowing recommendation from my friends, I just had to see what it is all about. I got their blueberry crunchcakes which is one of their popular dishes that they offer here. It turned out that my friends were right, dead right. The soul-warming pancakes that easily dissolve in your mouth to the crunchy granola bits that gives the pancakes some vivid textures makes the overall experiences faaaantastic. Best pancakes I ever had.


I ordered sausages along with my pancakes to get some protein in for the morning. I was thinking it was going to come with the generic flat breakfast sausages that are served universally everywhere but I was proven wrong. The size on these is pretty much bigger than your typical sausages that you find elsewhere and it tasted amazing as well. It’s plump and juicy without the heavy dosage of sodium.


My girlfriend ended up getting the Spanish omelet along with grits and an English muffin. After trying out her omelet, it made me realize I could of made a way better omelet at home. The salsa didn’t stand out in any sort of way and the omelet itself had nothing spectacular about it. On the other hand, the grits that comes with this was creamy and delightful that makes me want more even after I was done with it.

J. Christopher’s

3294 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 622-4775

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