Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ – Suwanee, GA

Nothing better than starting a new year by grubbing on some BBQ. Since my friend and I had tried this place out before and enjoyed it, we decided to grab two extra buddies that hadn’t to join along. With the day off from work and school, we rushed out into the freezing cold and jumped into the car to grab some heart warming BBQ at Jim ‘N Nick’s. Located directly off of I-85 and with Assi down the street, it can’t get anymore convenient than that. We got there after 2 in the afternoon which made it easier for us to get services since there were only a few patrons in the restaurant. Peeerfect.
The first thing that came out after we ordered was the unlimited amount of in-house cheese biscuits. These little suckers are to die for especially when it comes out pipping hot from the oven.
I ended up getting the beef brisket platter with the order of cream spinach and mash potatoes and gravy. Beef brisket was alright. It seemed very bland but moist otherwise. but the only thing that stood out was the mash potatoes. Mother of God. It still has chunky bits of potatoes which added a amazing texture to the hearty gravy. If I can chug a gallon of gravy, I would. The biggest disappointment on the dish was the cream spinach. Again, very very bland. Boston Market beats it hands down.
A full slap of spare ribs. Moist and flavorful with in-house BBQ sauce giving it a extra tangy kick. Beats Shane Rib Shack by far.  Shared between three grown men and they still couldn’t finish it.Wussies.
1103 Old Peachtree Road Northwest
Suwanee, GA 30043

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