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There’s probably a good reason why they call this restaurant “Little” Bangkok since finding parking is next to impossible with its tiny parking lot where it sits right by the busy street of Cheshire Bridge. I have even seen a couple of people sitting in their car at the gas station next door waiting for diners to leave in order to take their parking spot. Daaaaang, this place must be that good. Once you’re inside, you’ll find that this place is pretty small and comfy so it’s easy to hear people conversations if you try hard enough (Please don’t). Along with having your obvious Thai dishes, they even have an extensive Chinese menu along with it.



After browsing through the menu, we couldn’t make a decision on what to get for our appetizer. We relied on our waiter for some recommendations and we ended up with some Thai dumplings to start our adventure. Meh. Just meh. My buddy and I weren’t that impress with our waiter choice. The Thai dumplings was rubbery and bland. Instead of using the sauce lightly to complement the flavors of the dumplings, we had to use a good among just to mask the boredom.



Penang curry chicken that I ordered did help me forget about the dumplings just for a little bit. The curry was rich and creamy but I wish they could just add a little bit more of it so I wouldn’t have to keep splashy my curry over the chicken and veggies to enjoy it. Overall, it’s not bad. But it could have been a lot better.



This is probably the only dish that stood out and prevented me from leaving in complete disappointment. The chicken and shrimp pad Thai was beyond good and it’s probably one of the best I had in Atlanta. It’s lightly sweet with the perfect among of sauce added to it. If I were to come back to Little Bangkok next time, this dish would be the first thing I would order.


Little Bangkok

2225 Cheshire Bridge Rd
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 315-1530

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