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MJ Korean Tacos & Wings is the only one of its kind of restaurant here so far in Duluth that does a Korean Mexican food fusion and its becoming quite popular. It’s in the same shopping plaza as Honey Pig and Nori so having extra dining options around here for the picky is a plus. Coming around here during lunch hours can get a little busy so expect it to take some time to get the food to your table. The prices here are a bit more expensive than what you typically get for wings and tacos but what you get here exceptional quality food.



What we got here is the MJ soy garlic wings with sesame lemon pepper fries as our side. The wings here are fairly large and its lightly covered in their signature sauce. It tastes like a lighter version of the terayaki sauce with a slight kick of garlic. The fries were actually pretty good but it falls short once you tried the Parmesan fries.



All the other places that advertise hot wings are actually pretty mild. The hot wings here are… well… pretty damn hot. The wings here are completely drenched in a wonderful hot sauce that ended up with me leaving napkins drenched with my tears of happiness (not pain). Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. It burned soooo good. It’s actually up there with one my favorite hot wings.



Who would of thought combining Parmesan cheese and fries would make it more addictive than crack! If you could only one thing on the menu, GET THE FRIES. It’s a fairly big portion so bring a couple of your friends that are mad at you so you can win them over with it.


MJ Korean Tacos & Wings

3473 Old Norcross Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 680-5474

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