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This time we revisited Sweet Auburn Market once again after our burger adventure there. Now why you must ask? Well this place is booming with different restaurants that cater to your every need. If you’re into BBQ, visiting Sweet Auburn BBQ is a must. Sweet Auburn BBQ first started out as a food truck. As their popularity grew, they opened up shop at Sweet Auburn Market. Their style of modern BBQ is a fusion of Asian, Mexican, and French cuisine making people coming back for more. Since we went here twice because of our addiction, I ended up combining the two days into one post.


They have specialties drinks such as Asian sweet tea with mint and strawberry lemonade. We were a bit skeptical with having mints in our Asian fusion style sweet tea but this has got to be one of the most creative ideas ever. It was so refreshing and delicious that we all had at least 2 refills and an additional one for the road. If I could overcome my laziness in making the Asian mint tea at home, I would in a heartbeat. I wasn’t that big of a fan for the strawberry lemonade on the other hand since it was too sweet for my liking.


Briskets with Jamaican jerk greens, mac n cheese, Asian pear cole slaw, and a toast. This is one of the best briskets I have ever had. It’s juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned that eating it with BBQ sauce is really unnecessary. The mac n cheese is freaking unbelievable good. It’s made with Béchamel sauce along with super rich creamy cheese that will make any mac n cheese fanatics shed a tear of joy. It’s impossible to come from the South and not order a side of greens. It’s spiked with Jamaican spices and and bits of meat that will make you feel warm and cozy inside without the bitter taste that you normally get from greens.


Basically the same thing from the top picture but with pork and honey baked beans. As like the above picture, the pork is juicy and delicious that melts in your mouth without the aid of using any sauces. The Asian pear slaw has a light taste to it making it great when paired with the BBQ.


I highly, hiiiiighly recommend checking out Sweet Auburn BBQ if you’re a BBQ addict. The style of the BBQ is unique and it’s by far better than my experiences at Jim ‘N Nick’s. Get there early before all the food runs out!

Sweet Auburn BBQ

209 Edgewood Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30303

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