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Taqueria Del Sol is located in the nicer area of Atlanta with Yeah! Burger within proximity. If you’re patient unlike someone like me, you’ll do fine waiting in a long line that reaches far beyond the entrance door. Taqueria Del Sol is known for their tacos but they separate themselves from the others by adding a southern flair that changes the dynamics of how you ever thought tacos should be. They keep a very small selection of food available on the menu with stuff their good at and to ensure maximum quality control across the board. Depending on the week, they usually add new items on the menu for a short while.


Picture of the place while we stood there in line. The place is packed and even their outside tables are filled up. While we inches up slowly towards the cashier, we had to watch these people stuff their faces in food while our stomach growled. It’s freaking torture.


Ended up getting four tacos because I’m a fat kid on the inside. What’s not pictured below is the fried chicken taco because I was so hungry that I had to stuff it in my mouth before I get a chance to take a closer picture. It was good but it was my least favorite taco here.


Memphis taco. Comes with BBQ pork with jalapenos cole slaw. It tasted surprisingly goood. You would think the tequila BBQ sauce would over power the coleslaw and the pork but it did quite the opposite. The whole thing melted together perfectly in my mouth.


Fish taco. Lightly breaded Tilapia with pickled jalapenos and poblano tartar sauce. It’s not flashy like the Memphis taco but it uses simple ingredients carefully to make this taco pop with flavors.

Taqueria Del Sol

1200B Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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